Faux Wood Blinds Richmond VA


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Specialty Woods

Captures the look of real wood. Our faux wood blinds are made from a blend of hardwoods and other composite materials, perfect for high moisture rooms such as bath, laundry and kitchen.

wood blinds richmond va

Composite/Synthetic Wood Blind

Available In

2 inch wood blinds


2" Quality Synthetic Wood Blinds made of 100% PVC. Flame retardant, looks remarkably like stained basswood. Trends™ include a 3.25" Sculpted Valance and a trapezoid bottomrail.
Available in 7 stain-look colors.

2 1/2 inch wood blinds

2” Kingwood B/ Windsong

100% PVC and Flame Retardant. An up-scale alternative to mini-blinds or a low-cost alternative to Premium Wood Blinds.
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Single blinds are available from 9-1/2” to 96” wide and up to 126” long. Also available as 2 or 3 blinds on 1 headrail up to 120” wide.

KingWood "B", & Windsong include a 3” Sculpted Synthetic Wood Valance and a rectangular bottomrail. Trends™ includes a 3.25" Sculpted Synthetic Wood Valance and a trapezoid bottomrail.

You have a choice of normal string ladder or choose from 34 colors of Decorative Cloth Tape on 2” Synthetic Wood Blinds.

Choose our Routeless Option to reduce light and ensure greater privacy on 2” blinds. 2-1/2” blinds are only available with our Routeless Option.