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Upholstered Headboards are custom crafted in our own workroom. Complete your bed with a one of a kind headboard, giving your room a finished look.

Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship, we fabricate fine upholstered headboards with the highest quality standards for custom bedding. There are endless design and fabric options to complete your custom headboard. Our custom drapery workroom is one of the largest in the Mid-Atlantic region, staffed with highly skilled design consultants, seamstresses and installation specialists.

Headboard Styles

Ruched Panel Drapery

Squared Headboard

Rounded Headboard

Rounded Headboard

scooped headboard

Scooped Headboard

curved headboard

Curved Headboard

flared headboard

Flared Headboard

scalloped headboard

Scalloped Headboard

custom shaped headboard

Custom Shaped Headboard

* Headboards are also
available in numerous
custom styles created
just for you.